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The NFL Flag Poland 1-Day Camp in Kolbudy, scheduled for June 16, 2024, offers an exciting opportunity for young football enthusiasts aged 6-16. The camp is designed to cater to all skill levels, from beginners taking their first steps into the sport to experienced players looking to refine their skills. Throughout the day, participants will engage in various drills and exercises aimed at building core competencies in flag football, such as passing, catching, and strategic gameplay.

In addition to skill-building activities, the camp provides a fun and inclusive environment where kids can enjoy teamwork and friendly competition. There will be age-appropriate games and challenges, encouraging everyone to participate and showcase their abilities. Experienced coaches and trainers will be on hand to offer guidance and share their knowledge, ensuring a safe and supportive experience for all attendees.

Parents can rest assured that the camp emphasizes both learning and safety, with all necessary precautions in place to protect the well-being of the participants. Whether your child is new to football or already plays regularly, this 1-day camp is an ideal setting for them to develop their skills, make new friends, and have a fantastic time. By the end of the day, kids will leave with a greater appreciation for the game and a sense of accomplishment. It's an event not to be missed for any young football fan in the Kolbudy area.

image_6483441 (3)_edited.jpg
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