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Embark on an exciting journey with the NFL FLAG Poland League as we expand to multiple cities, offering kids all over Poland a chance to play and revolutionize the trajectory of flag football in the country. Be a crucial part of this transformation by becoming a referee and ensuring fair play and sportsmanship on the field. Your role as a referee will not only shape the game but contribute to creating a positive and inclusive experience for young athletes nationwide. Join us in making flag football a thriving and accessible sport for every aspiring player across Poland!

Elevate your coaching journey by joining the NFL FLAG Poland League! As we expand our league to multiple cities, we're on a mission to provide kids from all corners of Poland with a unique opportunity to play and embrace the exciting trajectory of flag football. Become a coach and be instrumental in shaping the future of this dynamic sport, while contributing to its growth and popularity across the country. Together, let's inspire young athletes and make a lasting impact on the flag football scene in Poland!

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