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What Would You Like to Know?

We’ve compiled below a list of all the frequently questions we usually get asked regarding our team, coaches and games. If you still haven’t found the answers you’re looking for, feel free to contact us and we’ll be happy to answer your questions.

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What's the youngest age a child can join? What's the oldest?

The minimum age is 6 years old, while the maximum age is 17. We welcome children within this age range to participate in our program.


Is it safe? Why don't they need equipment?

Flag football is generally considered a safe sport, especially when compared to tackle football. Instead of tackling, players in flag football remove an opponent's flag to signify a "tackle". This eliminates the physical impact that is often associated with traditional football, reducing the risk of injuries.  Flag football does not require extensive equipment like helmets and pads because the nature of the game is non-contact. Since there are no collisions or full-body tackles involved, the protective gear used in contact football is not necessary. However, it is still important for participants to wear appropriate footwear and clothing to ensure comfort and prevent minor injuries.


How can my child understand the game if they don't speak English?

There will be American as well as Polish coaches to communicate with players so they can understand the game of flag football. We will utilize visual aids such as diagrams, images, or videos that illustrate the rules, positions, and basic strategies of flag football.  Everything your child needs to learn the game will be translated in their mother language.  We encourage kids to participate in practice sessions and friendly matches, where they can observe and imitate their teammates.  We also provide English learning opportunities to your child to develop English competency.

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Can my child get injured?

Flag football is a non-contact sport and we do a great job teaching safety when it comes to the kids.  That being said, it is natural that a child could potentially injure themselves due to falling, running into someone by mistake, etc.  Before players play in games, they are taught the rules and methods properly in order to be safe and have fun.

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How do I sign my child up?

You can easily register your child by clicking the register button.  Once you have registered your child, you will receive a confirmation email providing you with necessary information to ensure that you secured a spot for your child.  

The first official winter season of the league will begin in January, 2024. We will have a seperate registration form and updates providing you with details about the winter season.

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What is a Flag Football Clinic?

 A Flag football Clinic is an instructional program designed to educate and provide guidance to young athletes participating in NFL Flag Poland. The purpose of these clinics is to help athletes get a better understanding of the rules, regulations, and objectives of NFL Flag.  With the skills and fundamentals that the athletes will learn, they will have a chance to showcase their talents by taking part in NFL Flag Poland. Our clinics are completely free, giving all children an opportunity to learn and grow with the sport of Flag Football.

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