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Official Youth Flag Football League of the NFL!
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Come Play Football With Us

NFL Flag Poland strive to provide a positive football experience for boys and girls aged 6-13.  Our focus is on teaching fundamentals, building relationships, keeping kids safe, and encouraging good sportsmanship.   There are no height or weight restrictions, making it a game everybody can play.



Get ready for an unforgettable football experience in Wrocław! Join us on September 23rd, 2023, as the NFL Flag Poland Football Camp comes to town. Our expert coaches will instill the fundamentals and techniques of flag football during this exciting 1-day camp.


Participants will receive the official NFL jersey and flag, and top performers will be rewarded with special MVP gifts. Don't miss out on this unique opportunity to elevate your game and be a part of an incredible event!



Flag football has a lot to offer, from co-ed leagues to competitive tournaments. Here are five important benefits for kids playing flag football:

1. No Contact: Flag football is a non-contact sport, meaning there’s no tackling, diving, blocking, screening or fumbles allowed. Therefore, players aren’t required to wear any heavy equipment, such as helmets and shoulder pads. This creates an approachable atmosphere where kids can learn how to play and develop their skills without the aspect of physical contact.   

2. Accessibility: Flag football is an incredibly inclusive sport and opens the doors to many players, including female athletes. 

3.  Learn the fundamentals: There’s a common myth that flag football doesn’t prepare kids for tackle football— and that simply isn’t true. The basic fundamentals taught in flag football directly transfer to tackle, including catching, throwing, formations, routes, and defensive skills. For example, the way defensive players are required to square up their body and align their head and knees is the exact positioning needed to physically tackle an opponent.

4. Easy commitment: With most leagues only meeting once per week, many families happily squeeze flag football into their packed schedules. Typically, teams practice for about 45 minutes before their game, and then the game itself is usually an hour or less. Of course, some high-level competitive leagues offer more playing time, if that’s something you’re looking for.  

5. It’s fun!: Plain and simple, flag football is loads of fun. With 5 - 7 players on the field, there’s more engagement and a faster speed of play. Games are quick, competitive and every drive counts, especially in tournaments. It’s the version of football you loved playing in your backyard — why ever stop?

Want to get involved?

We’re currently looking for league operators to run and contribute to the growth of NFL FLAG in Poland. Find out how you can be apart of NFL FLAG Poland by contacting us.  Join our team and be a part of history building the first ever youth NFL FLAG league in Poland. 

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